Red Dirt Nation Article

So it's been a while...again...yada yada...but I have an ok excuse this time.  I wrote this thing for RedDirtNation.com that you can read by clicking that little link right there.

Or THIS ONE.  Go on. Read it. Then check out the other articles by the fantastic stable of RedDirtNation writers.   Such as this one about my new Monday night residency, affectionately and sentimentally and quite aptly dubbed "Bryon White presents Monday Night Mayhem" on Monday's at 10:30pm(ish) and my sister's Thursday night shenanigans and hooliganigans on Thursday nights from at 7pm. Or 8 possibly.  Both at the Deli on 309 White Street in Norman, Oklahoma  . Or this one about my friend Charlie Stout's pretty picture takin', written by my other friend Brad Rice. Lots of red dirty info in one place...go check it out.  Come on. It's fun. I'll go with you...


Bryon White/The Damn Quails