Finishing touches and some details about the new record.

So this whole Damn Quails studio album thing that's happening...yeah, it's really happening.  We finished up tracking a week or two ago and I must say that it's becoming the record that we were hoping to make for our first major studio album release.  A huge conglomeration of some great songs, impeccable musicians, and amazing friends to boot.  Wanna know who played?

Jon Knudson
John Fullbright
Steve Baker
Thomas Young
Luke Mullenix

Not a bad list if I do say so myself.  These guys are the cream of the crop.  Can't wait to get it out to you fine folks.  It's going to be mighty fancy.

Memorial Day is this weekend.  Come see us at 5:30pm at Squander Fest in Tecumseh, OK on Sunday and at the Paseo Arts Festival at Noon on Monday (Memorial Day Day)  Whammy.