I try...

And try and try and try to keep this blog current. I always fail and for that I apologize. However, on the plus side, I've  been working on finishing up a whole slew of new tunes for the upcoming record. 

I know. I know. We've been talking about recording the damn thing for a year and so far all we have is a rough track or two. Fear not, faithful Quail-ites. This week we're heading back down the Boohatch with everyone's favorite badass Wacky Macky Mike McClure. If you've been out to a show over the past 6 or 8 months, you've probably heard a few of the new ones. You definitely haven't heard them all and I'm stoked beyond belief to get back in a studio environment and make some fucking music.  

I started this post a few days before we started recording. That's one of the reasons this blog gets delayed as much as it does: I can't ever finalize anything. I've got drafts out the wazoo. Anyway...

As I type away on my damn iPhone, we're already 2 days into sessions for the new album. I can honestly say that I've missed the excitement that comes from shaping ideas into tracks and making the songs permanent and real (in my own humble opinion) and the things we have down so far are coming along splendidly. Ben the intern is getting his first taste of life down in the old Boohatch and he's been a great sport so far. Ben also mixed our forthcoming Live at Third Coast record and he's quite the talented dude. Myself and the rest of the band can't wait to put some new music in your collective ears, iPhones, and car stereos. Apologies that it's taken so long, things don't always happen the way you want them to. Thanks for all your support in coming to shows and telling your friends about us and buying the merch from our store, which is conveniently located over at www.thedamnquailsBAND.com. Mostly, thanks for giving a damn about the words we write and the songs we sing and the way we play them. You're all saints in our eyes. 

Next Wednesday (Jan 22nd) I'll be doing a rare solo gig in South Texas at Yoakum Gin and Feed in Yoakum, Texas. Show starts at 8 and I'm going to spend a few hours playing some Damn Quails songs and talking to the crowd. Show starts at 8pm if you or anyone you know might dig such a thing. Then the whole covey is playing Grand Stafford Theater in Bryan, TX Thurs Jan 23rd, Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos Fri Jan 24th, and Moore's Store in Ben a Wheeler Sat Jan 25th. Hope to see everyone out and about. Thanks for listening. 

Bryon White/TDQ