Colorado Run This Week! 10/30-11/02

We're getting on the road about 4am tomorrow morning and heading north for a much-anticipated return to Colorado.  Watch out for a few twitter frenzies and some random internet insanity to keep you as close as you ever want to get to being on the road with us...at least for now.

Wednesday (tomorrow) night we're going back to Current's Steakhouse (@currentssalida) in Salida, CO.  Last time, they were filming some public access tv broadcast and the place was packed, so help us out and tell your friends and we'll do our best to pack it out again.

Thursday we head back to Doloros, a quaint little town that's home to the Doloros River Brewery.  The beer is resplendent and the company is impeccable.  It's a very intimate venue and we had a helluva time on our last trip up.  Doloros is also host to a reportedly haunted Native American museum, which you can rest assured I'll be dragging Biggie (@notTHEbiggie) to at some point.

Friday night we're in Montrose at the Turn of the Century Saloon, and we cap the run off Saturday night at Little Bear in Evergeen, CO.  It'll be our first time in Evergreen, so if you happen to know anyone in the area that might enjoy the show, give them a nudge and we'll make sure they don't regret it.

Catch you all soon, a longer and more enthralling blog post is coming.  Check out www.thedamnquailsBAND.com for details and tickets. Thanks a ton.

Bryon White/TDQ


Headed Up North

Howdy all you faithful Quail followers.  Just letting you know that we're heading back up North to make up for a few dates that got cancelled on our big Northern run earlier this year.  We're starting out by hitting Missouri this weekend, then we're on our way to Chicago and a couple of Springfields next week. 

This Friday night, we're at Knuckleheads in Kansas City, Missouri. This is one of the most unique venues we've ever played.  They've got lots of memorabilia, good food, and an awesome sound system, adding up to one of our favorite spots in the Mid-West.    Last time, Biggie and I took a Taxi through the park and had a lively little conversation with the cabbie about how dumb it would have been to walk through the park like we had originally planned.  I'm pretty sure the phrase "much killings" was bandied about, but we made it back to the bus with a few cartons of cigarettes and much needed 7-11 fare to keep us all fed. Then we encountered a group of 12 year olds on skateboards with a Shih Tzu that was less terrifying and more "what the hell" inspiring.  Eventually I got lost in an abandoned side of the hotel we were at, had to Twitter my way back to civilization, and shot the shit with Goolsby for a while.  Always a good time in Kansas City.

Saturday night, we're back to Columbia, Missouri at The Snorty Horse Saloon. Last time we were in Columbia, we were opening for Josh Abbott Band and we had a helluva time in Columbia.  Some sports team from there had won some sports competition and the place was on fire, so hopefully we can recreate that energy and folk some brains out. Yay sports!

Check out our schedule and more at www.thedamnquailsBAND.com and keep an eye on the social media whatsits for minute by minute information.  @thedamnquails on twitter and instagram, or just follow @notTHEbiggie for a daily dose of hilarity.